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Average Cost of Double Glazed Windows & Doors in the UK

Anything that’s beneficial for your home is a worthy investment, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still shop around for a great deal and a bargain price. The cost of double glazing for your home is dependable on a lot of factors, as each home and its requirements will be different. The great news is that dependable double glazing companies will always offer a tailored quote for your home before you decide to commit to anything.

Double glazing is a fantastic investment, as it will see your money returned in no time due to the amount you will save on energy bills and keeping your home sufficiently heated. It can also help with other issues such as noise pollution and provide protection against weather damage. Not only that, but it will add significant value to your property should you come to sell.

How Much Do New Double-glazed Windows And Doors Cost?

Location of Property

Geographical factors can have an impact on the price of double glazing, even if the window or door style and materials are the same. Certain areas of the UK may be more expensive than others areas. If your area has a high property price then it will usually be the case that double glazing installation will cost a lot more.
This is where the variation in price will be most relevant. As an example, the cost options for a 100cm x 100cm window with a standard white uPVC frame would be as follows:
  • A casement window: between £325 and £420
  • A sash window: between £640 and £820
  • A tilt and turn window: between £490 and £625
  • A dual turn window: between £575 and £670
Measuring windows to check size
Any additional design features or design changes will add to the price, such as frame and handle colour. You will have the option for chrome or gold handles, for example, or particular designs on the glass – and all this adds to the cost.
Naturally, bigger windows will cost more and smaller windows will cost less. There is also the glass to take into consideration, as toughened glass is sometimes a requirement for certain window sizes as a safety feature. This safety feature comes at an additional 20% cost, however.
The same logic applies to double glazed doors: the size, glass treatment and design features will all play a part in the cost. Higher quality material used for doors such as composite material means a higher price tag than uPVC doors.
As an example, basic uPVC doors can cost around £300, while higher quality sliding patio doors can cost at least £2000. 

Who You Choose to Use

It’s always important to compare companies when it comes to double glazing options. You may prefer a local company which offers a more personalised service, or you may feel more confident choosing a larger, national company. Who you choose will have an impact on the price.
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There are also other price factors to take into account, such as warranties and aftercare.
Using online price calculators for your specific requirements and dimensions will give you the best idea of how much your double glazing upgrade will cost.