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We’re a company dedicated to helping homeowners across the country get access to the latest Double Glazing at the best price available or even free! We worked tirelessly with suppliers and customers to help find a model which suited everyone and with the Help 2 Buy Scheme we think that’s exactly what we made. Open to all homeowners in the UK, anyone can apply for either a grant or funding but if you’d prefer to just get a quote we can do that too! Wherever you are, whatever you need, you can count on Prices For Double Glazed Windows to deliver what you need! 

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An essential part of any home in the UK. Windows are what allow rooms to let in natural light and help to make your home look much bigger.


A door is the first interaction someone will have with you home. Which is why having a secure door is so important by replacing your old door could be a huge deterrent for any burglar.


A Conservatory is a very quick & efficient way for you to add a room onto your house without spending months building and applying for planning permission.

Fascia's, Soffits, Guttering

A quick fix to bring any home up to date. Requires very little labour and is a very cost effective way of changing the first impression that your property makes on someone.


Most frequent questions and answers

Depending on which style, colour and size you select the price can differ. Generally you can expect around £350 for a white, double glazed, casement window. You can expect to pay more for different styles and colours. 

Honestly, there’s no way to demist your windows without losing complete function of them or seriously damaging. For how much you would have to pay to have them “demisted” you may as well replace them. 

Windows can last for years! Depending on what kind you have installed, single glazing for instance should definitely be replaced. When you start to notice that your home is taking longer to heat, is becoming colder faster then it may be worth looking into. 

Generally speaking a two man installation team can fit 6 windows & a door on average to a high standard. There are ways of speeding up the installation but this could decrease the finish of your installation and we do not recommend this. 

It’s a door made of a selection of materials like a solid timber core, glass-reinforced plastic and uPVC to name a few. Each material is chosen specifically to create one of the strongest doors currently on the market.