White uPVC Front door with White Handle



When it comes to modern doors, uPVC is one of the most popular types of material. This is because uPVC doors are less expensive, easy to look after, are durable and versatile. uPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride; it is a form of plastic also known as rigid PVC, known for its inflexible qualities. These qualities make ideal for doors, as it offers strength that increases a property’s security. uPVC can be used for both doors and windows. The types of uPVC doors are plentiful; they can be fitted for internal and external use, as well as front door use and conservatories. There are plenty of styles to choose from, such as patio and sliding doors, or uPVC French doors. Bifold doors are also popular. 

Advantages of uPVC doors

Benefits are abundant when it comes to uPVC doors UK. The advantages of investing in uPVC doors include the following:

They are cost-effective

uPVC products have an agreeable price tag. Homeowners who are on a budget can benefit from added security without having to declare bankruptcy, and because there is a variety of uPVC front doors, uPVC back doors and uPVC French doors available, you can have a consistent exterior without compromising on style.

They have excellent insulation

uPVC doors UK help retain your home’s heat during the colder months but also lend a hand in keeping your house cool when it becomes hot out. You will also have a reduction in condensation, and if you live by a loud, busy road, enjoy noise reduction too.

They are energy efficient

Because of the insulation properties that uPVC front doors and back door have, your home will become much more energy-efficient. This will reduce the cost of your energy bill as you spend less money keeping your home warm or cool.

They are strong and secure

Modern uPVC doors, whether it is for the front or back of your house, are made with galvanized steel cores – these cores are extremely difficult to break, making your home much more secure against crime and intruders. This can be enough of a challenge to deter criminals, however, pair your uPVC door with a multi-chamber lock for added security.

They are easy to maintain

Timber doors are at risk of rotting, warping and bowing, whereas uPVC doors UK do not have these issues. This is ideal for UK homeowners, as the wet weather speeds up the rotting process. uPVC is easy to wipe down due to its material, meaning it is easy to keep on top of and keep clean when it starts to look dirty.

uPVC doors – the pricing guide

Although uPVC doors UK are cost-effective, the costs can still skyrocket depending on the material used and the style of door you are after. You will also have to pay for installation costs – this will depend on where you live and how many people are needed for the job.

The style of door will impact the price of your uPVC doors:


Circa £1500 – £4,500+


Circa £750 – £1,800+


Circa £900 – 2,500+

That being said, if you have a straightforward job, for instance, a replacement door, this could only cost between £200 -£500, whereas more complex jobs like converting a uPVC window into a door is going to make the price rise considerably.

Numerous factors can make your uPVC door more expensive or cheaper, so be sure you know what it is a must and a want if you have a budget to work within.

White Composite

4 factors that could influence price

1. The colour and finish

When we think of uPVC doors UK, we think of the standard white colour. There are many more colours to choose from, as well as textural finishes, but this will most likely increase the price of your door. For instance, you could have a woodgrain effect, meaning you get the look of a timber, without the high maintenance that comes with it.

White is still the cheapest colour to choose, so if this works with your home’s exterior, it’s worth sticking to the standard.

2. The size and shape of glass panes

You can customise the glass panes in your uPVC doors in size but also in texture. More complex shapes and sizes will be more costly, as well as choosing beveled or etched glass. Textured glass is, however, a great idea if you are living on a busy main road or if a lack of privacy is a concern.

3. How energy efficient your uPVC door is

Not all uPVC doors are the same when it comes to energy efficiency. uPVC doors are labels with an efficiency rating from A++ to E, with E being the least efficient rating. While choosing an energy-efficient rating costs more upfront, taking more measures to insulate your home can save you money in the long-term as your heating bills become less. It pays to save the environment.

4. Additional features

The features you need added to your doors depends on whether it is a front or back door. For example, uPVC front doors will most likely need a handle, letterbox, knockers and spyholes, whereas uPVC back doors and uPVC French doors will only need handles. Furthermore, the material and finishes you want for these add-ons will also determine your overall price.

Spot cheap uPVC

Chartwell Green uPVC Front Door with Chrome handles

Although uPVC is a cheaper option when it comes to doors and windows, that doesn’t mean you should opt for the cheapest price on the market. You need to determine whether the uPVC is of sound quality, as many poor quality uPVC doors will warp over time – this will impact and lessen your home’s security.

Why do fitted prices vary?

A significant contributing factor to the cost of your uPVC external doors is how much it costs to have them fitted. While it will increase the price, having uPVC doors ensures they are fitted properly so that you get all the benefits.

Fitted prices vary depending on the number of people needed to fit the doors. Typically, two people will be sent, but if it is a larger job, it may take more. Furthermore, it also depends on how long the job takes. Standard uPVC doors will take less time to fit, whereas custom-built doors will be more difficult to fit and may take more time.

Where your house is can also determine the overall cost, along with how awkward or easy it is to transport the door to and from the place in question. Living in a more expensive location typically means higher labour costs, so keep this in mind and be sure to look at numerous quotes before settling on a company.

Is it worth the additional costs?

The short answer is ‘yes.’ It is very much worth the cost of paying extra to ensure your uPVC doors are installed properly. By doing so, you can increase the security of your property and have the stability of the door tested – professionals will be able to spot if something isn’t right and will make any fixes that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Furthermore, having your uPVC door professional fitted stops any draughts from occurring, as they will ensure that your new door is fitted well for peak energy efficiency. Sealing your doors is an art, and if it is not done properly, poor weather can seep through. This could be the wind and rain or, if it’s very hot, humid weather. Such weather causes damp and can lead to property damage throughout your home.

White uPVC Front door with White Handle

How can you save money?

The best way to save money is to select a standard uPVC door, whether it be a front, back or a patio door. While you may want a wood effect bifold door, if your budget doesn’t permit it, you may have to settle for a white bifold door or a French door altogether.

As the guide above suggests, the style of door you choose will impact the cost, but you also need to determine whether you need additional features or simply want them. Having wants set in stone before you look at your options will stop you from spending more money.

Lastly, be sure to look around and ask for quotes. Once you have a handful, compare them and see which is worth your time, money and business. Remember, while one business may have cheap installation costs, if they have frequent poor reviews, you may want to pay a little extra for peace of mind.

uPVC doors have amazing benefits, which is why they are popular amongst homeowners. Not only are they cost-effective and easy to care for, but they help reduce your carbon footprint. uPVC door are an investment as they are able to last for years.