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Composite Doors UK

54% of all entrance doors across the UK are now Composite Doors UK, making them a popular choice for UK homeowners. Why? Well, composite doors are made up of various materials, including solid timber, uPVC, and glass-reinforced plastic – these materials create one of the strongest doors on the market, increasing home security. Whether you have a new build or a traditional home, a composite door is secure and stylish. Composite doors are designed with a thick, solid timber core and created with durable hardware in mind. Security is the forefront of composite doors UK, while ensuring they are modern in design.

Advantages of composite doors

Are you wondering about the benefits of composite doors UK? If so, here are a few advantages of composite front doors and why they are worth your investment:

They are durable and offer improved security

Composite doors are strong and durable due to their insulating foam core, strong outer frame and the multi-layered composition. This makes composite front doors resilient to not only crime but also the weather. Homeowners will not need to worry about their doors bowing or warping, as the many lamination layers prevent this from happening.

Durable hardware can easily be fixed to your composite door, offering added security. Letter plates, knockers and locks can be added to the design you are after, in a range of materials that enhance your home’s security while also looking modern.

They offer enhanced insulation

Heat is less likely to escape, and cold air will be kept outside, making your home more energy-efficient. Energy bills should lessen as you enjoy a warmer home throughout the colder months, improving thermal efficiency and reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Furthermore, a watertight solution is used during the construction process so that your home is less likely to experience moisture and wetness during humid or damp weather.

They are easily customisable

There are many levels of customisation when it comes to composite front doors. Bespoke designs are available, with a large selection of colours and styles offered by many vendors. Many composite doors also come with heat reflection so that you can benefit from longer lasting colour.

A certain ‘wow’ factor is associated with modern composite doors as they look like traditional doors with their classic timber aesthetics but perform better because of the modern materials used.

Many vendors offer you complete customisation, meaning there is a range of prices and add-ons you can consider and peruse over. You can customise the glass, the accessories to be included and colour.

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Composite doors UK – the pricing guide

There are many deciding factors when it comes to how much your composite door may cost you. As briefly mentioned above, customisation and certain add-ons are likely to hike up the price; however, there are many pre-made composite front doors that are cheaper but just as secure and beautifully made.

You are expected to pay around the following prices, depending on the level of customisation. As with anything, adding extras will increase the price. However, there are budget options available.

Supply only composite doors

Budget price door with minimum accessories – circa £550 – £600

Top range door with maximum quality accessories – circa £1200 – £1400

Fitted composite doors

Expect to pay an extra circa £300 – £400 if you want your door to be fitted for you.

This will include labour costs, the cost of installing the new door, and taking away the old door. Prices may vary when it comes to fitted composite doors.

5 factors that could influence Composite Door prices

Several factors will impact the price of your composite door. These include:

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1. The style of door

Of course, common door styles will be mass produced, reducing the cost significantly. Take a look at the popular styles on offer, and if there is one that ticks all your boxes, then that’s ideal! There are many variations on offer, so before you look to customise a composite front door, double-check that it isn’t available for cheaper at a pre-made store.

2. The colour of the door

Basic colours cost less as they are mass produced, so expect to pay more if you are after a non-standard colour such as duck egg blue. The mixing of unusual shades is more expensive because of the costly colour-bonding process.

Standard colours that are cheaper include, brown, black, blue and white. Any other shade will cost more.

3. The glazing

The pane size depends on the style of door you have chosen; however, the underlying pretense is, the bigger the pane, the more expensive it’ll be. Also, if you have a complex design that requires panes of glass to be cut into shapes, to be coloured, or included in a larger design, this will also hike up the costs. The more complex your glazing design, the higher the price.

4. The inclusion of door accessories

Your door will (most likely) require a door handle, and if it is a composite front door, you may want a letterbox and a knocker. All these additions add up – you will have to pay extra if you want your house number on the door or any fancy, custom-made door furniture.

5. The addition of security locks

Multi-point locks are standard with most composite front doors, but if you wish to improve your home’s security, you may wish to see which locks are best. This will, most likely, increase the cost of your door, but can you put a price on added security?

Check online for reviews on the locks out there – look for one that is accredited by the official UK police. This ensures that the lock has passed rigid security tests and can withstand pressure.

Why do fitted prices vary?

There are many factors that impact the price of your composite door, most of which were listed above. How your door is fitted, though, will also vary the price of your door.

Firstly, it depends on the level of manpower required. Two people are usually expected to fit a door, and the time it takes to do so isn’t set in stone. It could take anything between half a day to a whole day. If you have a large door to be fitted, then this may require more people, which will, in turn, make the installation process more costly.

Where your door is, is also a major factor. What are the surroundings like? Is it easy to access? Difficulty getting to and from the door could increase the time spent installing it, so take this into account.

Custom-built composite front doors will also require more time as non-standard sizes will need to be fit into the frame. Additional side windows and panels will also need to be accounted for, as this adds more work.

Typically, you will be paying for the new door installation and the removal and disposal of your old door – be sure to double-check this before, so you are not met with unexpected costs. Furthermore, labour costs vary depending on where you live, and this will be reflected in the price. More affluent areas are likely to be more expensive, so keep this in mind when determining your budget.

Is it worth the extra costs?

Having a professional install your new composite door is worth the additional costs that come with it. This is because you do not have the hassle of fitting the door yourself, but it also ensures that it is fitted properly so that you can enjoy the benefits associated with composite front doors.

There is always the risk of the job not being done properly if you are not trained in the installation of composite doors This will impact how effective your door is, such as whether it is as secure as it could be, and whether it is insulating your home well.

How can you save money?

There are many benefits to having a composite door, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and save money. Of course, you can buy a pre-made composite door, but you can also choose a standard door shape and door colour. You shouldn’t, however, compromise on your home’s security – always look for the best security lock and have it installed properly by professionals.

Shop around for the best price. Labouring costs depend on where you live, but also who is performing the job. Speak to a number of companies and see which will give you the best deal. There may also be room to haggle in price, so don’t always take the first quote seriously.

Composite doors have a whole host of benefits and are a worthwhile investment for all UK homeowners. Feel safer in your home by investing in a composite door that’s not only secure but also stylish and will improve the value of your home.